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About Us

About Us

At Xtreme Racing and Entertainment, you slide into a real racing machine. Featuring Italian karts and 50,000 square feet of Formula-1 style asphalt race track, the driving experience at Xtreme is unlike any go kart you’ve driven before, especially when we run "trackzilla," one of the largest indoor tracks in the country.

The ‘race kart’ technology at Xtreme utilizes an electric motor which provides instant torque and acceleration that cannot be matched by traditional gas powered ‘slow karts.’ Step on the accelerator and feel the G-Force push you back in your seat as the electric motor provides instant torque and power. Our racers want to feel the rush of adrenaline at top speed and the thrill of the competition. Other operations provide a Sunday cruise for a few bucks and few minutes of driving time, or two seater options for a ride along. At Xtreme, we race.

Also at Xtreme is the world's 8th installation of Zero Latency's Free Roam virtual reality system. Zero Latency is the global leader in warehouse scale free roam gaming and like our karts, this is something you have to experience to understand. Imagine being in the video game, and then 7 of your friends (or enemies in Sol Raiders) are in there with you. Where you go, the game goes. Where you move, the game moves. You are the first person player! It will blow your mind.

At Xtreme we also have Ax Throwing. Yes, you read that correctly, you throw a real ax at a target. It's therapeutic, trust us. If you can't fix it, throw an ax at it. It's darts on steroids. The first time you throw an ax and hear it "thump" into the boards and stick, you're hooked.

With karts like these, virtual reality experiences that leave people sweating and out of breath, or axes flying through the air, it's no wonder that Xtreme is the go to place for one of a kind entertainment. For the best deals, take advantage of our multiple combo packs and experience everything there is to offer.

Xtreme Racing and Entertainment. If you can't find something fun to do here, check your pulse.