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About Us

About Us

At Xtreme Racing and Entertainment, you slide into a real racing machine. Featuring Italian, ‘go karts and 50,000 square feet of Formula-1 style track, the driving experience at Xtreme is unlike any go kart you’ve driven before and nothing like the go karts you may be used to or think of when you hear that term.

The ‘race kart’ technology at Xtreme utilizes an electric motor which provides instant torque and acceleration that cannot be matched by traditional gas powered ‘slow karts.’ Step on the accelerator and feel the G-Force push you back in your seat as you reach max speeds of 45 mph. (Traditional gas powered karts for the general public are typically governed at 25 mph which is the top speed of our junior karts designed for 6-11 year old drivers.*) The acoustics of the karts used at Xtreme were developed with assistance from a well known racing family in Italy making the karts almost as much fun to hear as they are to drive screaming by like Formula-1 cars.

The electric motors also allow Xtreme to operate in a fully climate controlled space year round. While others have to vent their buildings to release stinky gas fumes and smells, or simply cannot race because of bad weather or heat, Xtreme operates 364 days a year taking only Thanksgiving off.

With an average customer age of 27 and with only 10 junior karts, Xtreme Racing is designed to entertain an older audience than found at most go kart facilities. Our racers want to feel the rush of adrenaline at top speed and the thrill of the competition. Other operations provide a Sunday cruise for a few bucks and few minutes of driving time or two seater options for a ride along. At Xtreme, we race.

Xtreme Racing and Entertainment. Everything else is a slow kart!