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4 Xtreme-ly Spicy Ways to Heat Up Your Next Cookout

It's Summer - so the heat is on, school is out, and cookouts are in. True grillmasters are always seeking exciting new cookout recipes to wow their tastebuds, and we're no different. At Xtreme, we live for intensity, so even when we're not putting the pedal to the metal on the go kart track, we're always finding ways to take life to the next level. 

5 Friends You'll Probably Want to Ditch During the Zombie Apocalypse

Your squad. Your crew. Your bros. Your group. Your partners in crime.

You've got your people, and they're just right for the world as it is... but what if things changed?

Is the funniest member of your group chat who you want watching your back from the undead? 

Is your best drinking buddy also the best trusted lookout?

Breaking Down the Perfect Putt

When it comes to Golf, your long game matters, but playing like a pro is also about the putt.

Small-swing strategies and taking the right form are the keys to hitting a hole-in-one (and not taking too many Mulligans!), so let's look at some tips for making you a short-game sensation:

Refine Your Stance

Not a Fighter? Xtreme's New VR Experience is About Exploration Instead of Explosions

When it comes to Free-Roam VR, the difference can be distilled to one word: Immersion.

Without the cables to tie you down, your mind is free to lose itself in new worlds, and at Xtreme we've always given you plenty of options: From post-apocalyptic cities teeming with zombies, to state-of-the-art spacecrafts overtaken by rogue AI, to distant desert planets.

Sol Raiders is the Competitive PVP VR Game-Changer You've Been Waiting For

By partnering with Zero Latency, Xtreme has consistently been able to offer the cutting edge of Virtual Reality gaming technology.

If you've stepped into our renovated warehouse space and watched it dissolve into another dimension around you, untethered by cords and free to explore vivid virtual worlds... you already know how incomparable an experience it can be. 


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