Zombie Survival | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

Zombie Survival

Free-Roam Virtual Reality

Player 1-8
Approx. Mins 30
Age 13+
Category CO-OP

Prepare Your Defences

Will You Get Out Alive?

Fight for survival

An intense and immersive VR experience for those wanting to test their zombie apocalypse survival skills. You'll need to work with your team to fend of swarms of ruthless zombies, rebuild defensive barriers and hope you can survive long enough for help to arrive.


Nowhere To Run

The zombie horde is upon us. Have you got what it takes to outlast the onslaught or will you crack under pressure as soon as it gets too real? Get your squad ready. It's time to cure this outbreak, one bullet at a time.

Bottom Floor

Embrace The Horror

You’re caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak. You and your fellow survivors are trapped in a fort, surrounded by chaos, carnage and the undead craving human flesh. Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

On your mission, you'll be equipped with an array of destructive weapons including an Assault Rifle, a Pump-Action Shotgun and a Sniper Rifle. If things get real desperate, you'll have a Heavy Assault Rifle and a fully automatic Mini Gun towards the end ready to blow some serious brains out.

Top Floor

"When the first undead creature comes at you, they feel shockingly close - if you've ever wanted to hear grown men squeal, this is your chance."