How to Axe Throw like an Axe Pro | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

Cold steel heavy in your hand. The gleam of a blade. Onlookers cheer as your pulse pounds... are you a gladiator facing an opponent?

No, you're at Happy Hour.

Dart Throwing is a classic after-work pastime, but there's a more XTREME alternative that upgrades the skill and satisfaction of nailing a bullseye: Axe Throwing. Something about ending every round with the satisfying WHAM of steel splintering wood chops the stress out of your day. 

That is... assuming you can hit the target. 

As a relatively new and cutting edge (pun intended) craze, Axe Throwing isn't a skill most people have picked up yet. If you're reading this, you're already ahead of the curve.

Want to be king warrior amongst your friends? Here are some simple tips for how to Axe Throw like and Axe Pro:

STEP 1: Get a Grip

A firm grip is key to a good throw. With your hand low on the handle, ensure that the axe is facing straight forward.

Even a click or two's rotation to the left or right makes a huge difference in axe trajectory, and it's the deciding factor in whether your axe sticks in the target or clatters to the ground.

STEP 2: Assume the Position

Lock your eyes on your target. Plant one foot forward, the opposite of your throwing arm.

Step 3: The Backswing

Let your throwing arm fall to your side and then keep going, past your rear leg.

Step 4: The Upswing

As soon as your axe passes your leg on the backswing, bring it back up and over your head.

Step 5: THROW!!

Swing your arm forward from above your head until it's parallel with the ground. Time your release to this moment, and let your arm follow through even after the axe is sent sailing for increased accuracy.

...And that's it! Feel ready to try your hand at it for real? An hour of Axe Throwing at Xtreme is just $20, or on #XtremeTuesdays, $10! For the best Happy Hour in Tulsa, give yours a little edge with us.