Sol Raiders is the Competitive PVP VR Game-Changer You've Been Waiting For | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

By partnering with Zero Latency, Xtreme has consistently been able to offer the cutting edge of Virtual Reality gaming technology.

If you've stepped into our renovated warehouse space and watched it dissolve into another dimension around you, untethered by cords and free to explore vivid virtual worlds... you already know how incomparable an experience it can be. 

Blasting through hoards of zombies in Outbreak Origins or Zombie Survival, vaporizing hostile robots in the mind-bending spacecraft of Singularity - destroying virtual enemies alongside your friends has never been more exciting.

Until now.

Because all of our games up to this point have been Co-Op, and with the introduction of Sol Raiders, they just got competitive.

That's right. Now the enemies aren't AI you fight alongside your friends. They ARE your friends.


In what critics are already saying could be the creation of a new E-Sport, Sol Raiders takes all the best elements of Virtual Reality, online shooters, and analog games like laser tag or paintball - while leaving these other play styles in what feels like another century. 

Through team-based shooter matches with versatile weapons, your squad squares off against another to complete goal-oriented missions while tactically blasting each other's robot avatars to smoldering bits. And don't worry... if you die, you simply enter The RIFT... a parallel dimension that leads you back to your respawn point and back into the action. 

Rift. Raid. Repeat.

Xplore. Play. Conquer.

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