What You're Missing if You've Never Tried Free-Roam VR | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

For a lot of people, when you say VR, they think of something like this:

Tangled wires, flimsy cardboard headpieces, glitchy interfaces, and the occasional (YouTube-worthy, but painful) wall collision - these things are all part of Virtual Reality's story, but they really only tell the story of its infancy. 

Maybe nobody told you...but VR is all grown up. It's liberated, immersive, and mind-blowing!

We've all seen the movie: The nerdy girl nobody paid mind to gets a makeover, and the guy she's been in front of all along can't believe what he's been missing.

Don't be that guy. 


Check out what you've been missing in state-of-the-art VR Gaming:


Half of the phrase "Virtual Reality" is "Reality" ...and in Reality, you don't have to stand still.

One of the main problems with early VR is that it was stationary. You could turn your head and look around, maybe move a simple object with a controller. As a whole though, most VR experiences had a very "cart on a track" kind of feel. Free-Roam VR blows this standard away, transforming a blank warehouse space into a fully-explorable 3D environment that you navigate with your feet instead of with a joystick. 

The extent to which this puts the "Reality" in "Virtual Reality" really can't be exaggerated. Free-Roam VR is the iPhone to the Stationary VR landline. Generations of quality above its predecessors, free-roam team Virtual Reality gaming is something you have to experience to believe. 

For new players, the reaction is always Xtreme (pun intended). 


By the light of a flaming barrel, you pump another shell into the chamber of your shotgun. Palms sweaty against the handle of your weapon, you ask your teammates through the radio "Where are they?"

"Behind you!" they call out like a panicked chorus. You whip around just in time to see a blood-streaked hand reaching - inches from your face. You can't help it, you scream, but you're backpedaling. Lining up the laser-site on your barrel with the first face in the approaching hoard, you pull the trigger. 

With the last of the hostile androids vaporized, you keep your blaster raised. Viewing the glimmering halls of this spacecraft through the prismatic blue energy shield attached to your weapon, you're not ready to let your guard down yet... not with how close that last encounter got to taking you down. 

Electric blast doors hiss open, revealing a massive chamber ahead. You know you have to get to the other side, but the plunging drop ahead seems to go on forever. "C'mon," your teammate says, taking their first careful step on to the narrow steel bridge - no bigger than a balance beam. You can do this, you tell yourself, but then you take a step out. The drop turns your stomach, you can hear your heartbeat in your ears. You take another step. This won't be so bad, you tell yourself. Just have to take it slow.

Then a beam of hot red energy zips past your head, and you realize you're being shot at.

If you're still gaming like this^ ...you don't understand how powerful the moments created by Free-Roam VR can be. When your body is the controller, when the gun is really in your hand, when it's your head that has to be on a swivel to survive - the outside world disappears.

More than simply PLAYING a character, you are BECOMING that character. More immersive than any other gameplay experience available, Free-Roam VR games truly turn you into the hero of the story. 


Some Sweaty Winners

According to our (okay... admittedly not scientific) research, families that fight zombies together fight less about chores. 

Couples that do a date battling androids in space instead of getting dinner at another chopped salad place are more likely to stay together.

Work Groups that have survived the apocalypse as a team are more likely to survive urgent office deadlines as a team. 

No matter what squad you bring to Xtreme Tulsa for free-roam VR gaming, they're going to leave bonded and blown away by the experience. 

So what are you waiting for?


Locking and loading with your squad is just a click away.